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CameraArts Preview: Christopher Felver

Chris Felver has become a trusted photographer to many who might be adverse to the camera, or at least very shy, especially where portraits are concerned. Felver brings a marvelous sensibility to a collection that has been decades in the making, instilling senses of comfort and familiarity in his images. Artists, poets, musicians, and counter-culture figures both famous and esoteric have been captured by Felver. In our upcoming March/April 2007 issue of CameraArts, Contributing Editor Michael more will take a closer look.

Until the magazine is available, you can check out his website and view his work, as well as an excellent Quicktime slide show presentation of images and memorabilia, much of it taken from Chris Felver's superb new book, Beat. Be sure to scroll down to see the video.

Felver has published six other books, including The Importance of Being, a catalog of more than 400 portraits. They include writers Ken Kesey, Allen Ginsberg, and Charles Bukowski; artists and musicians like Arlo Guthrie and Lou Reed; and photographers as well—Ralph Gibson, Ruth Bernhard, Arnold Newman a. I hope you enjoy Chis Felver's work as much as we have. Check out our next issue for the full story!


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