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A Black and White Photographer proves digital and analog are not

Chip Forelli has created beautiful images in classic black and white for a diverse pool of clients and photography publications. His thoughts on the elements of the analog process, including darkroom manipulation and dye-dodging, have been published in the pages of CameraArts (February/March 2002, February/March 2003, and April/May 2004). He has just unveiled a new flash-based website, where you can view his work in a slide-show format.

On the site, Forelli offers his services to advertisers, commerical clients, and foundations that find his works desirable for promotional purposes. Forelli is certainly unusual in that he excels in traditional processes and employs them in creating amazing, dynamic images that many working in digital can't touch. He is also a pro at post-production, transferring his painstakingly crafted selenium-toned silver prints onto the computer screen, where all commercial photography lives.

A fine art photographer who has successfully branched off in many different areas, Forelli also lays claim to the role of educator, and has taught at the International Center of Photography in New York, the Cape Cod Photography Workshops in North Eastham, MA, and the Maine Photographic Workshops in Rockport. Hopefully, his impressive track record will keep growing in the years to come.


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