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A new and unusual camera lineup

Samsung has announced their new NV—or "New Vision"—range of digital cameras, which are unusual in a couple of ways. Samsung's past digital cameras for a long time have been of the compact, point-and-shoot variety, and a camera of this kind is a definite first. Like the Panasonic DMZ series, it's not a snapper, not yet an SLR. It will be interesting to see where this series goes and what photogs will make of its unique design.

The unusually proportioned NV7 OPS camera sits at the top of the range and sports a 7MP CCD, 7x Schneider-branded zoom, CCD-shift stabilization and a surprisingly sophisticated feature set. It also shares Samsung's innovative new "Smart Touch" user interface and control system, designed to replace pages and pages of menus with two strips of touch sensitive soft keys that offer direct access to almost all the cameras many features and options.

You can find a list of specs by going to DPReview here.


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