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Photos of the Month: Future Categories Announced!

The response to Photos of the Month has been outstanding, and talented photographers have been submitting to us every week! There have been many questions about our rules and selection process, and I'm proud to announce that a comprehensive guide has been posted on And that's not all: we have decided on our next subject for the competition and the one after that, the one after that, et cetera...

We are always accepting entries for our contests. Entries for a particular category remain open for the whole month, with five finalists being posted every Monday. Simply refer back here if you're wondering what kind of photo you should be submitting!

January 2007: Architecture

February 2007: Nature and Landscapes

March 2007: Figure and Fashion

April 2007: Travel

May 2007: Weddings and Gatherings

June 2007: Sports and Action

July 2007: Pinhole, Plastic, and Toy Cameras

Remember, we only accept one entry per category. When the new month begins, nothing is stopping you from sending in another submission. Unless you've won already.
It's all explained here. Good luck, and happy shooting!


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