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Flak Photo's "Regarding Intimacy"

Flak Photo is an online magazine that is updated daily and features contributions from photographers all over the world. It puts special focus on exhibiting fine art photography on the web, something that we'll likely see more of. Blog editor Andy Adams dubs the website a "blogzine," which sounds a bit reminiscent of this recent post about ArtKrush. Taking terminology into your own hands can be dangerous, and sometimes wildly successful...

The latest exhibition at Flak Photo, titled "Regarding Intimacy," is a collection of photography and video works assembled by curator Saul Robbins. The exhibition originally opened March 29 at Hunter College Galleries in New York City. Flak Photo is publishing a photo a day, Monday through Friday, from nine photographers featured in the exhibit. The online exhibition will run through May 12, 2007.

From Flak Photo's website:

The show is called "Regarding Intimacy" a collection of photography and video that explores the dynamics between families, couples, friends, neighbors and the environment to investigate relationships in traditional intimate interactions.

In recent years, increasingly risqué depictions of physical and sexual intimacy have pervaded visual media. However, many other photographic portrayals of intimacy exist, as contemporary photographers continue to explore the influential relationships in their day-to-day lives. The artists in this exhibition reveal a dynamic and multifaceted reading of interpersonal intimacy, proposing that it is our own experience of intimate relationships, rather than that depicted in the media, which is the most enduring and satisfying...

Flak Photo's presentation is indeed enviable, and their strategy of publishing an image a day is an intriguing one: all of us bloggers are trying to get people coming back, after all. An image a day, however, might not be enough for such a well-presented online magazine...err, blogzine.


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