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Fun Stuff at T.O.P.

This post on The Online Photographer attempts to distill the photoblogging experience.

MainMain, on the green side, unbidden, begins a long disquisition on hue. "Blue is monotonous. Green can vary in hue. The blue of the sky is actually always the same shade, just lighter or darker...."

"Pardon me, but that's wrong," comes a voice from the blue crowd. There is a grumble of suppressed assent.

MainMan pauses. "Are you calling MainMain wrong?" asks MainMain, sententiously. "How could you be so rude? MainMain is not wrong, MainMan is a KING, sitting in his Kingdom, surrounded by his mighty peripherals blinking and flashing like the cockpit of a Jules Verne submarine. You've assaulted MainMan, is what you've done, and I'm very close to MainMan, for MainMan is me...."

"We were talking about green," says L8rJ, from the green side.

"Yeah, shut the hell up, MainMain," says Nordus.

"Blue is nice too! Everybody agrees blue is nice!" interjects LuLufromOz, a note of hysteria in her voice.

"Blogger's post said nothing about blue," several people say, their voices rising. "We can quote him! Look, here it is, he said, 'My, what a beautiful green,' emphases ours...." "Yeah, GREEN," adds Nordus. "No," says another, "he said THAT'S a beautiful green, not WHAT a beautiful green, you insipid cretin. Can't you even cut and paste?!?"

Substitute "green" and "blue" with "digital" and "analog" and suddenly it all hits uncomfortably close to home. For me, the discussion would devolve into random condemnations of the very notion of "cut and paste” as reprehensibly evil. Read the whole thing if you want a good time and quick laugh.


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