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Welcome to the CameraArts Blog!

Welcome, one and all, to your newest source for fine art photography news! We've been planning on launching our blog for a long time. Those of you who have received our e-newsletter, FRAMES, have been privy to the news and information that we've wanted to feature on our own corner of the blogosphere.

It's been quite the balancing act deciding what topics to cover in this new section. The internet is populated with all matter of press releases, museum and gallery sites, photographer's sites, and of course hype for the next big release from (insert your favorite camera or software maker here). We didn't want to fall into the trap of becoming another tech site—there are so many good ones already—or to be a megaphone for photo companies and agencies. And then, of course, surrounding every aspect of photography, from the technical nuts and bolts to the issues being debated on the senate floor, has been the primary concern of CameraArts Magazine: the pursuit and creation of fine art.

Question: what, then, can one expect to see here? Answer: whatever you, the reader, want. We are constantly striving to present the very latest in news from around the world, with as much variety as possible. In this vein we are always open to new ideas and suggestions, so if you feel that we go astray or are unbalanced in presenting the news or info that you want to see, let us know. Nothing is out of bounds; anything that will further our goal to serving the fine art photographic community at large is valuable to us.

Also, like with any blog, you can leave comments and create the discourse that any good web site should have. This feature, like many others at this new edition of, can be accessed by logging into the space on the menu bar at the left. And for those to whom this will matter, you will NEVER have to provide your subscription number. AGAIN. Simply register, and all of the content on our site will be at your fingertips.

So, without further ado, I present to you the CameraArts Blog! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Tom Gibbons

Assistant Editor

CameraArts Magazine


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